This quiet , sunny southern town full of striking Ottoman architecture is a true pearl for those interested in anthropology, archeology and history .

This area has been inhabited for at least 15,000 years, as evidenced by cave drawings found in Badanj , which experts estimate that encourage 12,000 -16,000 BC . Throughout its long history, Stolac has always been a city with a rich culture . No other city in Bosnia and Herzegovina has produced many intellectuals , artists , poets and leaders. While walking through the Stolac and listening to the rushing Bregava and many bird songs you are begining to understand what it inspired many generations of exceptional personality of Stolac

This is marvelous place for walking , tasting home made wines , figs and pomegranates that grow in every backyard . Also this is an excellent base for further exploration of the region by bicycle . The town has a sleepy mediterranean air and is full of caffes along the crystal clear river Bregava . Bregava is a favorite spot for swimming and diving of young people and very likely you will notice that during the hot and dry summer days the whole city on the banks of the river .
The city center is full of lush trees , with a single pines that aim at the sky , not far from the ancient fortress Vidoska( built in the 14th century ) . Bregava makes the Stolac and its environment ( called Dubrava ) one of the most fertile areas in the country . It seems that the fruits and vegetables that comes here has a better taste . Near the village Domanovići, from grapes that come from the surrounding vineyards produced Doman white and red wine and recently champagne . These are marvelous , not expensive wine .